Vulcan Fog Machine

Vulcan Fog Machine

  • Extremely powerful
  • Temperature resistant fog (400°F)
  • Low running costs
  • Automatic purging system
  • Heat exchanger guaranteed for life!
  • NATO codified


The Vulcan is the new variant of the famous ViCount fog machine. It incorporates a new easy fill 5ltr fog fluid reservoir and dual output heat exchanger allowing almost 60% more output than the ViCount Turbo fog generator.

Like the ViCount it creates an oil based fog effect that is resistant to temperatures of up to almost 400°F making it the perfect fog generator for hot fire training in large facilities. The fog is also considerably more persistent than water based fog machines when used for positive pressure ventilation training.

As well as creating a more persistent fog the Vulcan uses far less fog chemical to achieve the same visibility obscuration. Often users of the Vulcan fog machine will find that their running costs are cut by up to 75%.

All Vulcan fog machines come with an automatic purging system that cleans the precision machined heat exchanger block after every operation. This is one of the reasons that the Vulcan heat exchanger block is guaranteed for life!

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