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High quality fog generating equipment for multiple applications.

safe and simple to use fogging machine for water diluted and selected pure concentrates.
heavy duty fogger for various pure concentrates, oil and water based products.
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Easy to use

Meeting multiple standards

  • unattended operation
  • remote control ..
  • minimal maintenance
  • EMC and CE

  • ISO 9001

  • UL and CSA

Corona foggers are exceptionally versatile machines for applying a wide range of specialty chemicals The foggers produce droplets that are virtually fully uniform in size and can be as small as 0.3 micron in diameter. This renders the fog uniquely effective and efficient. See: "The unique qualities of Corona Fog".

The tiny droplets shroud all objects and penetrate deeply. They distribute evenly throughout an enclosed area. This is ideal for applications where universal deposition or deep penetration is required; from treating dense foliage in a greenhouse, to sanitizing stocked warehouses, decontaminating complex structures or fighting molds or neutralizing odors in industrial, commercial or hotel facilities.

The fogger can be located in the center of the target area and then be activated by a remote on/off switch. The tiny droplets will find their target and the operator avoids chemical exposure.

Corona fog is sufficiently dense and robust to be ducted and distributed with the aid of a fan for the simultaneous treatment of a number of smaller spaces or for rapid dispersion throughout a large target area.

The chemical - in concentrated or diluted form as desired - is pumped into a heat exchanger where it is vaporized. The vapor condenses upon emerging from the heat exchanger, forming a dense concentration of fine droplets that looks like fog. As they are of miniscule size, the droplets distribute evenly in all directions.
The smaller the droplets of a given amount of specialty chemical the greater their number and the larger the surface area they cover or the greater their combined contact area. Smaller droplets also deposit in denser fashion, further enhancing their efficacy.

The fogger can be easily adjusted to deliver larger droplets if required.

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Equipped with an external tank, the fog can be dispersed continuously until the fluid has been exhausted.

The Electronic Temperature and Fog Control module constantly monitors the heat exchanger to maintain superior fog output.

Corona foggers can serve alternative spaces from a central location via a ducted system -  
if necessary with the aid of a fan.

An optional, timer equipped, remote control provides for programmed applications.

When used as prescribed, maintenance is minimal.

Some typical Corona Fogger applications:

  • Mosquito fogging

  • Vector control

  • Pesticide applications in greenhouses

  • Sanitation of HVAC systems

  • Decontamination

  • Stored fruit and vegetable treatment

  • Odor abatement

  • Insect control for livestock and poultry  

  • Maintenance of medical facilities

  • Environmental remediation  

Since Corona does neither control what fluids are used in its foggers nor under what circumstances, Corona can not warrant the safety or efficacy of any application. Refer to our Disclaimer.

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