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The reliability of the Corona technology and the quality of fog it produces are uniquely suited as a security tool. Corona’s Smoke Screen units are specially designed to confront intruders with large volumes of smoke (fog), produced at high velocity.


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There is no more effective solution to the "Smash and Grab" problem when burglars force entry and make their getaway before authorities reach the scene. The smoke (fog) forms an immediate impenetrable barrier and conceals valuables behind a protective blanket.

In other adaptations the fog provides for the protection of abandoned buildings or remote sites.

Versatility of Protection

Compact and modular in design, the Smoke Screen system is readily hidden in false ceilings or small enclosures. With suitable ducting the Smoke Screen unit can be located beyond the vulnerable area as a further safeguard against any tampering.
In an alternative arrangement, the smoke (fog) can be distributed to provide instant protection at various strategic points or to create a protective shield of up to 65 feet in length.

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Rapid ELM Smoke Screen

click on picture for specifications

Our entry level smoke (fog) generator. Don't be fooled by it's size and affordability! This little guy packs a punch. 

The RAPID ELM integrates with existing alarm systems and provides instant protection, producing huge volumes of smoke (fog) in a matter of seconds.

The compact size and low cost makes this unit attractive for small premises.


Rapid HP Smoke Screen

click on picture for specifications

Designed as a mid-range system the HP has quickly established itself as the ‘work horse’ of the Smoke Screen range.

Suitable for use in most types of applications it is simple to install and incorporates a host of useful features including a real-time event log.

‘E’ Series

E Series Smoke Screen

click on picture for specifications

The Smoke Screen Evolution 1000 and 1200 are class leaders for reliability and power amongst the most advanced smoke (fog) generators on the market today. 

They can be readily mounted on a wall or concealed above the ceiling to preserve the decor of the protected area.

Technical Data
  ELM HP E1000 E1200
Fog Output 8,830 ft3/min 24,720 ft3/min 35,314 ft3/min 42,377 ft3/min
Dimensions  (inches) 13 x 5 x 13.5 14 x 8 x 13.5 11 x 12 x 10 11 x 12 x 10
Weight 26.5 lbs 44 lbs 42 lbs 44 lbs
Power Rating

110-volt AC, 1.1 kW (Also available in 230-volt)

110-volt AC, 2.8 kW (Also available in 230-volt)

Particle Size

0.8 micron (mmd)

     0.2 micron (mmd)
Smoke (Fog) Fluid

Rapid Smoke (Fog)  Fluid non-toxic, non-contaminating Glycol based solution

Corona Smoke (Fog)  Fluid ‘A’, non-toxic, non-contaminating Glycerine based solution

Clean and safe smoke (fog)..

  • does not soil any surface or material

  • does not harm computers or other sensitive equipment..

  • non-toxic and non-contaminating

  • non-conductive and non-corrosive

Smoke Screen Systems

  • instantly confront criminals with a physical barrier..

  • deter criminals from entering

  • offer protection by concealment

Smoke Screen Systems are installed

  • as an integral part of an existing anti-intruder system, or

  • as an independent system with it’s own detectors and alarm panel..


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