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  Corona SmokeCorona Integrated Technologies Inc. offers a number of versatile Smoke Machines suited to a wide range of applications.

A Corona smoke machine delivers premium quality "smoke" - tiny particles of special fluid suspended in the air. This artificial smoke looks genuine, yet is harmless and safe and leaves no residue.


Corona Smoke
  • does not soil any surface or material
  • can be pressurized
  • non-flammable
  • non-toxic and non-contaminating
  • non-conductive and non-corrosive
  • immune to adverse temperatures
  • does not harm computers or other sensitive equipment ..

Corona Smoke Generators produce up to 51,200 cubic feet of fog on demand within one minute, reducing visibility to 3 feet. They require minimal maintenance and servicing.

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  • emergency training
  • airflow visualization
  • product quality monitoring..
  • military and police use
  • leak testing
  • entertainment
  • security

The versatility of a Corona smoke machine, in terms of output volume, is truly astounding. The Vicount Aviator simulates the effect of a smoldering cigar in one instance and in another application fills an entire aircraft cargo hold with smoke. One single standard Vicount produces smoke that is sufficient to observe the air turbulence of rotor blades of a helicopter inside the largest wind-tunnel in the world - 3.2 million cubic feet.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, Corona' s Smoke Machines conform to UL and CSA standards.


Registered on - Canada’s National Government Suppliers Directory


Corona Smoke Machines and Generators  Warranty

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